"Companies are relying on packaging to communicate to the consumer more than ever before. You need a partner who can take a design and bring it to life - then make it stand out on the shelf."

"You need a partner that will get you quicker to the shelf, and quicker off - for less."

"You need a competitive edge to help you win the battle on the shelf."

"You need a partner that can assist with packaging development and the marketing of your products."

"You need a team dedicated to the success in executing from concept to shelf."

We are a full service organization with end to end graphical and print fulfillment solutions.



LYFT Visual is your graphics partner; we will help you manoeuvre through the global marketplace with innovation and timeliness. LYFT Premedia is a new fresh approach to the development of completed graphic files for printing packaging materials. We have started by reengineering the production art and pre-press process by combining two functions into one clean streamlined process. This is achieved by using the latest technology that creates a final pre-media file. Our focus is on touch point reduction to eliminate the need to perform the same task multiple times. Streaming content from the DCM allows us to build files that are ready to final print specifications; this increases efficiencies in final file preparation.

We have the best people, tools and production system available today which allows us to effectively manage your brand requirements by understanding all packaging print methods Litho, Flexo, Gravure, Dry Offset and Digital. We strive to make each package vibrant and appealing on the store shelf. The color specialists at Lyft understand the importance of vibrant color and the ability to produce color proofs that work for the specific print process and material type.

  • Production Art Assembly
  • Print Ready Digital Prepress
  • Colour Management

Structural Design & Engineering

LYFT Visual's Award Winning Structural Designers are focused on packaging innovation, material reductions & internal and external production efficiencies. With over 20 years of experience, they provide:

  • Consultation to the Marketing Department & Operations Groups
  • Develop new products
  • Structural Design for POP and Marketing Materials
  • Review existing product groupings/libraries
  • Provide prototype samples and 3D simulated print mock-ups
  • Review packaging for supply chain opportunities through design efficiencies

Sustainability Consulting

The desire to strive towards sustainable packaging is here. In today's competitive global marketplace, the issues relevant to supporting sustainability are directly linked to people, planet and profit.  Sustainability and business success are not only compatible but are inextricably linked.  As such retailers and the consumer are demanding it.  LYFT Visual consults for the industries most recognizable names.

We continually develop innovative solutions to reduce the impact of our operations and our clients packaging on the environment in ways that balance economic viability with ecological responsibility.  Our 360 approach focuses on the obvious, but also where the true savings and benefits to the environment lie.  Packaging rationalization, packaging configuration, pallet optimization, cube enhancement; are some of the criteria that blend broad sustainability objectives with business considerations and strategies. 

We make going green less expensive.

Print Management

LYFT Visual is a full service organization with end to end graphic and print fulfillment solutions. A partnership with LYFT ensures you receive the best in quality, service and timeliness without paying a premium.  The seamless approach to meeting your graphic and printing needs provides you with the latest Technology the industry has to offer with North American coverage.

Fulfillment Solutions with full Prepress includes a Web to Print portal for:

  • Dotrix Digital Printing of for packaging and POP
  • Dotrix Digital printing of marketing materials
  • Litho Printing
  • Labels
  • Flexo Printing